Dental advice usually includes a reminder to keep up your dental cleanings every 6 months. This important twice yearly appointment may prevent other visits to your dental office. It can also be a relaxing catch up with your favorite dental staff members, capped off by smooth clean teeth. So what exactly can you expect at a dental cleaning?

An Exam

Both the hygenist, and the dentist may have a look at your teeth, gums, and mouth. The hygienist may look first. One thing you can expect at a dental cleaning, is that your hygienist may use a mirror and other tools to complete your exam, and the dentist may follow later during the appointment to look in, and do their own exam. Part of the exam may include an x-ray, which is normally completed once a year. This can help the dentist get a better look than an exam alone can provide, and aid in preventative care and treatment plans, helping to catch things early, preventing more involved treatments later.

A Good Clean

The hygienist may clean your teeth using a gritty toothpaste and several different tools. There are several ways you can help yourself relax during the cleaning. One thing you can expect at a dental cleaning is time to relax and sit back. Bringing your own music can be a one source of relaxation. Taking a nap or chatting with your hygienist in between tasks can also be a pleasant way to pass the time. Your hygienist may also give you a professional flossing. This is a good time to ask for tips or tricks for keeping your teeth clean and healthy at home. Your hygienist may be a wealth of information that will help bolster your oral health.

A Consultation

After your exam, cleaning, x-rays, you may consult with your dentist about the results of the exam, and make a treatment plan for any specific needs you may have. You can expect at a dental cleaning that you will have some face time with your dentist. Take this time to ask your dentist any questions about your situation and needs. They may be able to help you determine the answer to any questions you may have from choosing a toothpaste, to referring you to an orthodontist or other dental specialist if you are in need of one.

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