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Non Surgical Root Canal in Mesa, Arizona

More than 14 million Non Surgical Root Canals are performed each year, making it the most frequently performed surgery in dentistry. A root canal can give you the opportunity to keep your teeth and avoid the need for an extraction procedure, a critical benefit for many of our dentistry patients in Mesa, Arizona.

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What Causes a Root Canal

To understand how a Non Surgical Root Canal works you need to comprehend the anatomy of the teeth and gums. When you crack open the center of a tooth you expose the pulp or the system of blood vessels that supports the teeth in the surrounding area. There are a variety of factors that cause the pulp to become infected, including: severe trauma resulting from injury, decay, cracks in the tooth, or dental procedures that are repeated several times. When the area around the tooth is infected a person will notice swelling of the area and a high sensitivity to extreme temperatures which results in pain to the teeth and gums.

How Do Our Mesa Arizona Dentists Perform a Root Canal?

If you’ve consistently experienced the negative symptoms listed above, our dentists in Mesa will take measures to eliminate the problem, which will likely begin with a non-surgical treatment to rid the teeth of diseased pulp. After the pulp is stripped from the tooth the dentist begins a detailed cleaning process to remove any remaining bacteria and buildup in the root canal system. The dentist will always offer a local anesthetic to ensure the comfort of patients during the non-surgical root canal procedure. Treatment can normally be completed in one treatment, but in some cases multiple treatments will be required.

Successful treatment can be performed in 90 percent of cases. To find out if your tooth is compatible with the treatment it is essential to set up a consultation meeting with one of our Mesa Arizona dentists. Dr. Sandstrom Dental Group will let you know right away if your chances of success are slim to none. If you do qualify, the dentists will use local anesthesia to dull the pain during the procedure. If circumstances require we can also provide Nitrous Oxide Analgesia. In most cases patients are permitted to return home on their own and will feel comfortable once they get back into a normal life routine.

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