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Gum Disease Laser Therapy for Our Mesa, AZ Patients

While periodontal (gum) disease is a common but serious dental issue affecting three out of four adults in the United States, it’s estimated that only about 3% of those people will actually seek and receive treatment before permanent damage ensues. Recognizing the need to provide treatment for periodontal disease as soon as possible, Sandstrom Dental Group offers gum disease laser therapy for our Mesa-area patients looking to improve their overall dental health.

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What Is Gum Disease and How Do We Treat It?

Gum disease results from bacteria below your gum line eroding the connection between your gums and teeth. Because it’s often accompanied by little to no discomfort until it reaches a more severe stage, many people who have gum disease aren’t even aware that they have it. If left undetected and untreated for too long, gum disease usually results in severe discomfort which may include bleeding, swollen, or irritated gums and the eventual loss of teeth and deteriorating bone structure. If you smoke, grind your teeth, or have uncontrolled diabetes, you may be at a higher risk for periodontal disease.

In an effort to provide safe, effective treatment for periodontal disease while still ensuring the comfort of our patients, Sandstrom Dental Group provides gum disease laser therapy in our Mesa dental office. The laser runs through your gums, eliminating infected tissues in the area surrounding your teeth and gum pockets. Laser therapy is beneficial because it removes any disease in your gum areas without causing the patient extreme pain or a long recovery period thereafter.

Is Gum Disease Laser Therapy Right for You?

While gum disease laser therapy is a popular method of treatment, please be aware that it may not be suitable for everyone. To find out if you qualify for this advanced treatment method for gum disease, please contact our Mesa dental office today. Dr. Sandstrom and the rest of our compassionate, knowledgeable dental staff would welcome the opportunity to explain the many benefits offered by gum disease laser therapy and to help you determine if this type of treatment is the right solution for you.

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