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Dental Fillings and Restorations for Our Mesa Patients

If you have severely decayed teeth, it’s a little comforting to know that you have restorative dental options available at Sandstrom Dental Group to help you restore your radiant smile. One of the most common restorative methods we offer our patients in the Mesa area is dental fillings for restorations. Whether you have a cavity, cracked or broken teeth, or worn-down teeth due to excessive tooth grinding, dental fillings are used to “fill” in the area of decay on your teeth. Fillings come in a variety of materials, including amalgam, plastic, gold, and porcelain (composite resin), though if you want your smile to appear natural, porcelain is among your best bets and the one we typically recommend.

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How Do Dental Fillings Restore Decayed or Damaged Teeth?

Fillings for restorations have come a long way in recent years, so you needn’t fear getting a cavity filled. Here’s what you can expect during the procedure: First, our dentist will need to numb the area around your decayed or damaged tooth using a local anesthetic. Once numbed, we’ll use a specialized dental drill to remove the decay from your tooth. Once the decay has been removed, your filling is ready to be placed. If we’re using a composite resin filling that closely matches the natural color of your teeth, we’ll insert the composite into the exact shape of your cavity and then “cure” (or harden) it into place using ultraviolet light.

Your mouth may be numb for a couple of hours following the procedure, but this feeling will eventually wear off. Some patients may experience sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures for a few days or weeks following the procedure, but this will also wear off in time. With the proper care, dental fillings last many years. However, it’s not uncommon for them to become loose and require a replacement.

Schedule Your Next Dental Appointment at Our Mesa Office

Fillings help restore your teeth’s functionality and structural integrity, as well as their aesthetics. If left ignored, a cavity can lead to more serious dental complications, including severe infections caused by bacteria and plaque that build up inside the cavity, which could also result in eventual tooth loss. Even a minor crack in your tooth could cause more severe long-term damages if not corrected. When you need dental fillings for restorations in the Mesa area, be sure to call Sandstrom Dental Group. Don’t live with severe tooth decay pain or infection; we’re here when you need us!

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