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Dentures Help Mesa Patients Replace Missing Teeth

As we age, it sometimes becomes necessary to replace our natural teeth for aesthetic and functional purposes. Dentures provide a viable tooth replacement solution, offering essential support for your lips and cheeks. Sandstrom Dental Group specializes in the insertion of dentures for Mesa-area patients looking to replace their natural teeth due to tooth decay and other factors that don’t allow them to retain their natural teeth for life. Dentures can be tweaked to fit endodontically treated teeth and to ensure a perfect fit for your appliance, dental implants can also be attached to secure your dentures.

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Understanding the Different Types of Dentures

Most dentures in our Mesa dental office are created using acrylic or a plastic/porcelain combination for a more durable, natural appearance, and there are various models of dentures available, including:


Conventional dentures are inserted once all of your teeth have been removed and your gums and other oral tissues have had the chance to heal completely (this generally takes about 8-12 weeks).


Many patients don’t need to replace all of their natural teeth. Upper partial dentures are designed to cover your mouth’s palate.


Lower partial dentures are similar to upper partial dentures, but they include a gap to ensure enough room for your tongue.


Once your teeth have all been removed, an immediate denture can be placed in your mouth during the same appointment. Unlike conventional dentures, immediate dentures are placed while your oral tissues are still quite raw, allowing complete healing to occur after the denture is in place. Immediate dentures are often used as a temporary solution for those who don’t want to be without teeth during the healing period. It’s still recommended that you come back to be fitted for conventional dentures once your mouth has healed.

Why Are Regular Denture Appointments Important?

Even if you take good care of your dentures, they will eventually wear out over time and replacements and adjustments are inevitable as your gums and bones will shrink with time. If a denture replacement isn’t done at the appropriate time, your denture’s alignment will adjust slowly, also altering your jaw’s alignment. To prevent infection and ensure a comfortable denture fit, you’ll need to schedule regular appointments with our Mesa-area dentist at Sandstrom Dental Group. Please contact us to schedule your next denture appointment!

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