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The CEREC Treatment Procedure

A CEREC dentist in Arizona can restore your teeth! Anyone who has experienced tooth decay, uses fillings, or has weak or broken teeth may be able to benefit from a visit with our CEREC dentist in Mesa Arizona. CEREC (or Ceramic Reconstruction) is a more permanent and useful alternative to fillings because it restores any tooth that is broken, weakened, or decayed. CEREC looks more natural than other replacement solutions, making it a more popular choice in dentistry today.

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Benefits of CEREC

  • Convenient, taking one appointment to complete a procedure.
  • Safe, practiced and perfected by thousands of dentists worldwide since 1987.
  • Permanent, easily outlasting fillings, which can go bad after about a decade.

Ask our CEREC dentist in Arizona about the options available for your teeth and read further for more information about what to expect during this procedure.

CEREC Preparation is Simple!

Before undergoing the CEREC procedure, our dentist will examine your teeth to determine if you need a filling, a full crown, or another type of procedure. The goal is to maintain as much healthy tooth structure as possible, and your dentist will recommend accordingly. Next, our CEREC dentist will prepare your teeth, just like before a routine filling, by removing decayed tooth tissue.

Optical Impression

Next, our CEREC dentist will coat your tooth with a tasteless powder and take a digital photo of your tooth with a special camera. This process, which only takes a minute or two, is called an “optical impression.”

Using the optical impression, the CEREC 3D software, and the CEREC machine, our dentist converts the digital picture into a 3-dimensional virtual model. He or she then uses his or her dental expertise and the 3D software to design the restoration.

Our CEREC Dentist in Arizona Completes the Procedure Same-Visit!

When the dentist is finished, he or she clicks a button, sending the data to a milling machine in the office, and the milling machine creates the restoration from a ceramic block that matches your tooth shade. In as little as ten minutes, the restoration is complete, and your dentist checks, polishes, and bonds it to your tooth. That’s it—no return trip is necessary, so you can enjoy the immediate benefits of a strengthened and whole tooth.

Because this procedure is so quickly and comfortably done, CEREC is a great option for anyone whose teeth have experienced decay, weakness, or breakage. Call today to find out how this procedure can work on your teeth!

Creating beautiful smiles
that last a lifetime.