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“I have been a patient of Dr. Paul Sandstrom for more than 10 years and he is a wonderful dental surgeon who uses the latest technology and procedures. I highly recommend Dr. Sandstrom for all dental needs and Kevin for all 6 month cleaning and dental hygiene care. These guys are amazing!!!”

Extensive dental work can be taxing. On top of an already busy schedule, the thought of multiple appointments to address a dental need is draining. Good news! Our Sandstrom Dental Group in Mesa, AZ team can use CEREC technology to help you get your problem tooth addressed in less time and with less hassle.

CEREC is a highly effective option for anyone whose teeth have experienced decay, weakness, or breakage. Before undergoing the CEREC procedure, our team at Sandstrom Dental Group in Mesa, AZ will examine your teeth to determine if you need a filling, a full crown, or another type of procedure. The goal is to maintain as much healthy tooth structure as possible.

If CEREC is the solution for you, we’ll start with a thorough examination and cleaning. Next, in just two minutes, our team will send a 3D photograph of your teeth to our CEREC machine. Finally, we’ll wait a few minutes for the restoration to mill, bond it to your teeth, and send you on your way!

That’s it! Just one visit and your teeth will feel and function as new.

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