Many don’t like to think about dental trauma, but like any other first aid, knowledge is power and a plan in place can make successful outcomes of dental trauma possible. So what happens if you experience some kind of dental trauma? What will you do?

Be Ready

Have your dentist’s contact information on hand, and be aware of the emergency procedures of your dental office. If there is an injury to your mouth or jaw, calling your dentist to meet you at the ER may be a helpful precaution, and allow your dentist to examine your injury immediately, and weigh in on any medical and dental decisions.
Also, having a kit on hand can be helpful. This kit can contain helpful things such as wax, cotton balls, clean cloth, gauze, and salt packs to make a mouth rinse, to clean out any wounds.

Pain Management

Having dental analgesics on hand can be helpful in an emergency where you’ve experienced dental trauma. But also regular pain medicine, such as Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen can also be a helpful thing to have in your kit. Many dental emergencies do involve some kind of pain management, so planning what to keep in your kit can be helpful. It may be wise to consult your dentist on what they recommend.

Call Your Dentist

No matter the circumstances of the injury or emergency, keep your dentist in the loop. Call your dentist right away if you or your child experiences dental trauma. But more importantly, proactively plan with your dentist, especially if you are aware of increased risks such as participation in sports, or other activities that may cause any dental trauma. Ask your dentist if they recommend any protective equipment, what to keep in your dental trauma kit, and how to call them in case of an emergency.

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