Dentures In Mesa AZ

A denture can serve as a replacement for your natural teeth when age, disease, or other factors don’t allow you to retain them. In addition to a denture’s ability to replace natural teeth, it can also offer support for the lips and cheeks. At. Sandstrom Dental Group, we specialize in the insertion of dentures in Mesa AZ.

Dentures are most often created using acrylic, and there are a variety of different models:

  • A conventional denture can be inserted once all teeth in the mouth have been removed and the gums have healed completely
  • An immediate denture can be placed in the mouth as soon as all teeth are removed. Unlike a conventional denture, the immediate denture is placed in the mouth when the tissue is still quite raw, allowing complete healing to occur while the denture is in place.
  • An upper denture is also created from acrylic, but the upper denture is designed to cover the palate.
  • A lower denture is similar to an upper denture but includes a gap to make room for the tongue.

The teeth in the Dentures in Mesa AZ are comprised of a plastic/porcelain combination. The denture itself can be tweaked to fit endodonticly treated teeth, and to ensure a perfect fit for the appliance, implant teeth can also be attached.

Patients should know that a denture will undoubtedly wear out over time, and a replacement is always inevitable even if the appliance is taken care of. If a replacement is not done at the appropriate time, the alignment will adjust slowly, altering the alignment of the jaw. In order to prevent infection, you need to schedule regular appointments with a dentist at our Mesa, Arizona office. Our staff at Sandstrom Dental Group is thrilled to help out the people of Mesa.