Dental Sealants Mesa AZ Treatment

A dental sealants acts as a protectant for your chewing teeth, helping to prevent bacteria buildup that leads to tooth decay and other serious issues. In this commonly performed procedure, a dentist creates an acrylic coating for the teeth that seals and protects the tooth from plaque, bacteria, and damaging acids. Though regular flossing and brushing can offer a resistance to plaque buildup, a dental sealants is highly recommended because it blocks off the tiny gaps and grooves in the tooth where plaque is impossible to eliminate with basic oral care.

You might be pleasantly surprised to know that a standard dental sealants procedure in Mesa AZ performed by one of our dentists in Mesa, Arizona can be completed in a matter of minutes. The majority of patients we treat will not need a replacement dental sealant for many years. A dentist at our Mesa office can discuss the time frame and other details of a dental sealant procedure with you at your own convenience. We can’t wait to see you in Mesa for your next dental sealant.