Dental Crowns Services in Mesa AZ


At Sandstrom Dental Group in Mesa, Arizona, our goal is to give patients the dental experience of a lifetime. We want to overwhelm you with kindness, and provide dentistry that leaves no trace, meaning we leave no visible signs after inserting dental crowns, or replacing old fillings. We only replace crowns and fillings with restorations that appear natural, because we want you to be proud of your smile.

Some patients come to us with severely damaged teeth, and sometimes they worry the damage is irreversible. Let us put you at ease. Our office in Mesa, Arizona uses high-quality porcelain or porcelain “pasted on gold” dental crowns in Mesa AZ to give your smile the upgrade you desire. Your smile will look like new, and you’ll feel as good as new. Using porcelain is the best way to combat the effects of damaged teeth. It can even be used to fill gaps left by missing teeth. A crown can sometimes last 20-30 years, saving you money and giving your teeth a natural look.

How long is a crown Treatment Appointment?

A Dental Crown treatment procedure done by our dentists in Mesa, Arizona will normally take two appointments. Dr. Sandstrom will thoroughly clean the teeth first—removing excess decay and buildup. After the cleaning is complete they shape the tooth to form and then fit it with a temporary crown made of plastic or metal. During the second visit the dentist will remove the temp crown and prepare to place the permanent crown. Once the dentist cements the permanent crown the process is complete, leaving you with a beautiful new tooth.

What Benefit does a Dental Crown Offer?

  • Can replace missing teeth
  • Support badly damaged teeth
  • Creates a natural look
  • Repairs chewing problems and makes your smile beautiful

If you’re unsatisfied with the look of your teeth, have damaged teeth, or suffer from pain related to tooth fillings, contact Sandstrom Dental Group in Mesa, Arizona for a consultation. We can’t wait to help you achieve the smile you want.